The students in our Toddlers Program are energetic and on the go! Students at this age are learning with all five of their senses and rely on self discovery to recognize boundaries and independence. That is why our Toddler Program encourages learning through play! Our toddlers enjoy a day as busy as they are—outside play, circle time, center based learning, meals and of course a much needed afternoon nap. Unlike the Infant and Crawlers Program, students in this class graduate to eating meals at a table as a class complete with plates and silverware. Students also learn to wash their hands and to vocalize their needs as a way to understand self help skills.

Some of the core learning points in the Toddler Program include:

  • Continuing basic sign language to aid in verbal language development.
  • Sensory play/learning with activities such as puppets and finger painting.
  • Singing songs that have academic themes like recognizing body parts and letters.
  • Toys and materials in the classroom promote fine and gross motor skills.

This age group is a key time in a child's life to understand that their world can exist beyond mommy and daddy. Teachers in this room structure the class to reflect this learning in a caring and safe environment. Electronic daily reports are filled out each day to describe what each child learned and accomplished throughout their time at school. Akers Academy maintains an open door policy and all questions and concerns can always be addressed at any time so families and students feel happy, safe and content!