Our Pre-K learners are ready to make a difference in the world! Akers Academy offers both a Private Pre-K Program and a GA Pre-K Program. Both offer the best learning environments for kindergarten preparation. While the GA Pre-K Program is state funded, teachers in the Private Pre-K Program have the ability to reach the academic needs of each student with more flexibility in a smaller class size. The Private Pre-K Program teaches from McGraw Hill's SRA Open Court curriculum. Students in these classes are learning how to read with more practice, write with more experience and express their opinions with more confidence.

Some of the learning opportunities in the Pre-Kindergarten Program include:

  • Classroom computers give students the chance to explore technology safely.
  • Reading exercises such as phonics and word identification allow readers to thrive.
  • Several math concepts introduced include adding, subtracting and telling time.
  • Inquiry based science experiments ask students to observe and record results.
  • Self guided art activities are added to literacy lessons to link learning across disciplines.

Students in these classes leave the Pre-K program ready for kindergarten, learning far beyond the basics. Teachers demonstrate not only skill based academia but critical thinking through a multi-sensory approach. Parents are invited and encouraged to be part of their child's classroom life by participating in Mystery Reader afternoons, holiday plays and other special events. Akers Academy maintains an open door policy and all questions and concerns can always be addressed at any time so families and students feel happy, safe and content!