Dear Parents,

Thank you for choosing Akers Academy for your child care needs! We have been leading the next generation of learners in the Forsyth and North Fulton communities for the last twenty years. From infants to Pre K, families can expect exceptional academic learning from our teachers and staff, many of whom have advanced degrees and international experience. We also offer After School care and Summer Camp options for those who continue to enjoy their time at Akers Academy past the preschool years.

Our positive presence in the community and urgency towards educating the youngest academic achievers are why families choose us for their home away from home for their children. Studies also show that high quality early education programs have long term effects for children into elementary years and beyond.

“...Preschool programs can have a substantial impact on early learning and development. Positive effects on children's development are found for language, literacy, and early math skills; for social and emotional outcomes; and in children's health...we also see a convergence of test scores during the elementary school grades...between children who did and did not attend preschool.” (Investing in our future: The evidence base on preschool education. Society for Research in Child Development, Foundation for Child Development. 2013).

We educate the whole child through a comprehensive curriculum called “Active Minds” that combines the best learning programs in the industry. Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds and make up the heart of our school. Together, we work hard to offer one on one care and prove to our students why we are the best at what we do!

Akers Academy is here to help your child learn, thrive and grow from their experiences. We are delighted you have chosen us as your child's first school!


Akers Academy


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