A comprehensive curriculum called “Active Minds” is taught at Akers Academy that combines literacy skills, mathematics, language development and critical thinking in combination with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) learning. STEAM focuses on incorporating multiple learning areas through hands on discovery, encouraging creativity and problem solving strategies. We aim to educate the whole child and strive to develop, enhance and expand each student's abilities through child initiated activities, teacher directed lessons and hands on experiences. This curriculum was designed from the High Reach Curriculum, McGraw Hill's SRA Open Court and the Preschool Curriculum Library by Anthony J. Coletta, Ph. D.

Each classroom observes Circle Time in the morning to promote community while doing Center Based discovery and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) throughout the day. These programs allow students to explore, question and investigate the world around them while building a love of learning. 

Teachers have computer tablets in their classrooms to fill out Electronic Daily Reports. These reports describe the student's day along with pictures and videos so parents can have family conversations about what their child did and extend learning at home. This communication tool is key in developing positive relationships with our parents. 

We want families to feel confident in our “Active Minds” curriculum and know that we can provide the best in early child care development. Akers Academy provides an environment where children are safe, secure and happy.