Akers Academy loves its littlest learners! Our low classroom ratio allows one on one care for each baby to grow at their own pace and embrace the changes in their world. Each baby gets their own crib for resting and individualized schedules based on feeding, diaper changing and nap times. We adhere to strict state standards and for this, Akers Academy was recognized by The National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA) for high standards in safety and cleanliness. We are honored to be one of the only schools in the area that is NECPA accredited. 

In addition to individualized care, babies in our program benefit from many different learning opportunities. Our program is based on infant brain development research. Some of our teaching points in the Infant and Crawlers Program include:

  • Baby yoga to stretch, strengthen and enhance movement while relaxing the muscles.
  • Classical music and singing all stimulate sensory development.
  • Baby sign language encourage verbal language growth and comprehension.
  • Developmentally appropriate exercises such as tummy time to encourage crawling.

We respect each family's unique decisions and parental choices. If there are any concerns, questions or requests about care, teachers and administrators are happy to listen! Our open door policy promotes open communication to make sure our babies and families feel happy, safe and content!