Vibrant, enthusiastic and dynamic are several ways we would describe our students in the Explorers and Discoverers Program! Students in these classes are around 1 ½ to 2 years old and they are used to asserting autonomy and decision making. In order to meet their ever changing needs, teachers in these classes create a fast paced schedule that includes even more core curriculum learning. Students learn how to work in small groups and begin separating for independent learning activities along with teacher led lessons. 

Some of the learning opportunities in the Explorers and Discoverers Program include:

  • Critical thinking skills are explored through puzzles, blocks and sorting activities.
  • Open ended questions give students the chance to increase their language ability.
  • Number recognition, counting and matching embrace math concepts.
  • Learning themes such as community recognizes the importance of family.
  • Center based discovery allows students to learn in small groups with their peers.

Potty training is a large developmental part of this age group and we encourage families to start this process at home so students can get continuity and understand that it is a normal part of growing up! Milestones in our Explorers and Discoverers Program are more concrete and we love to see the “light bulb” moments happen every day. Parents are welcome to take advantage of our open door policy to ask questions or address concerns so we can make sure all of our families and students feel happy, safe and secure!